Nilüfer Yanya’s ‘Baby Blu’ Video Is A Whirlwind Trip Through Tokyo

British singer-songwriter Nilüfer Yanya‘s “Baby Blu” is one of the best tracks of the year. Yanya’s celestial voice carries the textured, complex instrumentals into another dimension, and it’s the kind of song you can’t get sick of no matter how many times you listen to it. Yanya has shared a new video for “Baby Blu,” and it’s just as much of an addictive whirlwind as the track itself.

The video stars Yanya and her sisters Molly and Elif and brother Cemil. The foursome take a thrilling trip around Tokyo, wandering through the city at night, catching the glow of neon lights and fast cars. All of Yanya’s videos have been especially striking and memorable, and “Baby Blu” is no exception.

“We shot the video in Tokyo over New Years,” Yanya says of the video. “Me and my sisters went to visit my brother who is studying there for a year. My sister Molly had the idea for theming the video around street racing cars, which proved to be quite difficult to track down as it’s highly illegal in Japan. We managed to find a few car shows and garages, got some fast rides and had lots of fun. For me this video is really about us as siblings, refusing to let go of each other and our childhood.”

Watch the video for “Baby Blu” above.