Nilüfer Yanya Pays Tribute To Her Heritage In The Dreamy ‘Paradise’ Video

In March, London-based artist Nilüfer Yanya released her stellar debut full-length record, and one of Uproxx‘s picks for best albums of the year, Miss Universe. Now, she’s shared a video for one of the album’s stand-out tracks, the breezy “Paradise.” According to a press release for the video, “Paradise” was filmed in her father’s home town of Istanbul while Yanya was visiting on tour, and the video was directed by her older sister Molly Daniel. In this way, the video is an homage to her heritage.

The video not only includes the work of her family but pays tribute to them. Earlier this year when Yanya talked to Uproxx about creating her debut album, she discussed her family background’s influence on her work, saying “My dad’s from Istanbul and he moved to London. My mom, she’s from London, but her mom’s from Ireland and her dad’s from Barbados… As a very mixed person, I feel like I approach life differently because I always want things to work together; I’m not always trying to separate things, I’m always trying to make sense of who I am as a person. I feel like in my music I’m trying to do that with my influences too, bringing them together in a way that makes sense.”

Watch the video for “Paradise” above.