Nine Inch Nails Return To Their Mid-’90s Glory On The New Single ‘Less Than’

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07.13.17 4 Comments

Earlier this morning, Trent Reznor, the lead singer and creative force behind the band Nine Inch Nails tweeted out a head’s up to the world at large. “If the people pushing the buttons push the right buttons, you should be able to hear something brand new within the hour.” Sure enough, he remained good to his word delivering a totally new video for a single titled “Less Than.” Even better than that, appearing on Beats 1, Reznor revealed that Nine Inch Nails’ next EP Add Violence is set to drop next week on July 21.

Trent has been teasing the arrival of new Nine Inch Nails music for quite some time. In a letter he wrote that was emailed to fans about the delays that hindered the shipping of a whole line of reissue vinyl albums, Reznor let the news about the trilogy of EPs slip. “Did you know Not the Actual Events was the first part of a trilogy of related EPs that will be released about 6-8 months apart?” he asked. “Now you do.” Adding to the evidence that the latest collection of Nine Inch Nails music will be arriving next week, he also asked, “Did you know that there’s a top secret Nine Inch Nails EP that will be released before the first shows of the summer?”

You can watch Nine Inch Nails’ new “Less Than” video above and check out the track list for Add Violence below.

1. “Less Than”
2. “The Lovers”
3. “This Isn’t The Place”
4. “Not Anymore”
5. “The Background World”

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