Nipsey Hussle’s Brother Told The Heartbreaking Story Of Trying To Save His Life After He Was Shot

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Less than a week ago, Nipsey Hussle died after being shot outside of his Marathon store in Los Angeles. Before paramedics arrived on the scene, Hussle’s brother, Samiel Asghedom (also known as Blacc Sam), was there. In a new story from the Los Angeles Times, Asghedom talked about his experience of seeing his brother shortly after he had been shot.

After he heard what happened, Asghedom immediately left his grandmother’s house and quickly drove to Hussle, not stopping at red lights along the way. He arrived minutes after Hussle was shot, and found him laying on the ground, with blood on his shirt and a bullet hole in his leg. Hussle was still breathing. Asghedom called 911 and performed chest compressions on Hussle, as instructed by the 911 operator. The operator counted, and when they reached 20, an ambulance arrived. Paramedics put a tube in Hussle’s throat, inserted an IV into his arm, and lifted him onto a stretcher. It was at this point that Asghedom first saw the bullet wound in Hussle’s head.

The ambulance arrived at the hospital before Asghedom, and when he got there, a paramedic said to him, “I know who he is. I’m a fan. I respect what he was doing in the community.” He added, “We tried our hardest.”

Asghedom said of the shooting, “If somebody would’ve been there — if I would’ve been there — I would’ve shot back. I just wish I would’ve been there.”

He also spoke of his brother’s legacy, saying, “He made something work in an area that was run-down, that people were scared to come to, and he turned it into a landmark. All races. Different states. Many countries. They all come to Crenshaw and Slauson. He was truly the people’s champ.”

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