Nipsey Hussle Had Plans To Open A Casino And Hotel In Las Vegas In 2020

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Nipsey Hussle’s business and economic contributions to his own community are no longer a secret — they’ve even prompted former-President Barack Obama to write a letter on his legacy. He’s set up his family financially, inspired Anderson .Paak and Kid Cudi to dedicate performances to him, and we recently learned from Neighborhood Nip’s business partner that he was even looking to impact the world in a bigger way.

Financial mogul David Gross took to Instagram to speak on the plans that were already underway between him and Nipsey for venturing into the hospitality business. The two had tried, along with a group of DJ Khaled, NBA player Luol Deng, and Founder of the Peebles Corporation, R. Donahue Peebles Jr., to put in a bid for the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica, California. After it fell through, Nipsey and Gross were able to reach an agreement to become partial owners of a resort and casino coming to Las Vegas in 2020 called The Virgin.

“This moment deserves sharing because this was a full circle moment,” posted Gross. “The significance and symbolism of this was profound for both of us because this was us realizing the American Dream at a high level; we took different paths, but both started with no money, connections or a legacy roadmap that got us to this moment.”

The more we learn about Nip, the more we see that he really was trying to turn the American Dream into his own reality. Based on Gross’ words, it seems as if the two were waiting for the right time to announce this venture, a time that unfortunately never came as Nipsey’s life was cut short. A businessman to some, a rapper to others, and a humanitarian to all, the marathon will continue far beyond Nipsey’s years.