No One Knows Who Coachella Headliners The Stone Roses Are

It’s honestly surprising when someone admits they don’t know something anymore. It’s tough to get away with being an expert on everything in person, but on the computer, through Twitter or Facebook, unlimited knowledge to any subject imaginable is only a click away #catfish. Someone tweet calls you out on your lack of Shirley Temple references? *goes to IMDB* “Well, I bet YOU didn’t know that in 1932, she was signed by Educational Pictures.”

For instance, right there, I don’t know what the hell I just wrote, but I sounded smart saying it, because I LOOKED IT UP. So while it can be refreshing when someone freely concedes, “Yeah, no clue who this is,” it can also be maddening. Take, for instance, the new Tumblr, “Who Are the Stone Roses?” Wait, WHAT? HOW DOES SOMEONE NOT KNOW WHO THE STONE ROSES ARE. Screw those people, reacting to Coachella choosing the recently reunited U.K. foursome as one of the festival’s headliners. Or better yet, make them listen to The Stone Roses, a mostly great album that came out 23 years ago, receives little-to-no radio airplay anymore, and is the only one of the group’s two releases worth hearing, then screw ’em.

These people shan’t be adored.

OK, I was being facetious earlier, but that last guy’s problems go far beyond not knowing who the Stone Roses are.

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