Nocando Knows How To Assemble The Perfect Festival Squad

Nocando knows how to assemble a festival squad — or any squad for that matter. The LA-based rapper and underground staple is also the founder of the indie label Hellfyre Club, and has released music from local stars like Anderson Paak and Open Mike Eagle, along with putting out his own work.

Bringing people together to make music is important to Nocando, and he’s proven his expertise in connecting the right minds, which is why Uproxx had Nocando sit down for our Artist Pass series to share his tips for assembling the perfect festival squad.

“The most important thing, you need is The Driver,” Nocando said. The Driver doesn’t just get the squad to the festival, but they mobilize and motivate the group. They also work with the “No F*cks” Instigator, the person that usually gets the party going.

“You need The Chaos,” Nocando explained. “And if you are The Chaos, and you find somebody more chaotic, you might end up in trouble.”

But for the best festival experience, it’s important to balance that chaos, which is why Nocando recommends also inviting a planner to the group, or what he calls The Order. “You need the person that’s like, ‘Alright, this is happening at this time, we gotta bag this up at this time, we gotta do this, we gotta do that, and we gotta do that.’”

Watch the video above to see the complete list of what to bring to the next festival, from the perfect squad to the right looks. And be sure to check one of Nocando’s latest projects, Severed.