Noel Gallagher Is Donating ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ Royalties To The Families Of Manchester Victims

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06.07.17 5 Comments

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No love is lost between the Gallagher brothers, whose infamous public feuding has been the source of both humor and chagrin over the years. Things got a bit more heated over these past couple weeks, though, as musicians around the world have been banding together to support victims of the horrific Manchester bombing at an Ariana Grande concert. Because Manchester is their hometown, both of the Gallagher brothers are feeling the attacks on a deeper and more personal level.

Ariana courageously returned to the city to host a benefit concert for the victims and their families, and Liam Gallagher appeared at the show to perform. However, he was upset that his brother Noel was absent, and called him a “sad f*ck,” which, to their credit, Coldplay rebutted by publicly thanking Noel for giving Chris Martin and Ariana Grande his blessing to duet on one of Oasis’ most popular and best songs, “Don’t Look Back In Anger.” They noted that everyone was aware Liam wasn’t going to be at the performance.

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