Noname, Saba, And Smino Tease The Release Date Of Their Next, Long-Awaited Collaboration

Noname, Saba, and Smino have been teasing a joint project since last year after appearing together on “Ace” from Noname’s 2018 album, Room 25. The Midwestern trio (Noname and Saba are from Chicago, while Smino hails from St. Louis) have shared an electric chemistry since first collaborating on Noname’s debut album Telefone, giving fans plenty of reason for excitement at the idea of a full project. Now, it appears they’ve revealed both the name of the group and the release date of their first release. They’re called Ghetto Sage and they’re dropping something on Friday, October 17.

Not only have all three members posted the title “Ghetto Sage” on social media in the past few days, but a new account on Twitter (@ghettosage) has 12.3K followers after joining the platform in September and posting a series of photos of the three sharing smiles in a studio loft, along with the “10/17” caption that suggests they’re dropping new music — hopefully a full project, but probably a new song, based on a prior tweet.

While the group’s joint project has been in the works since last year, each of the three members have also released plenty of solo material in the meantime, with Noname dropping “Song 32,” Saba releasing a flurry of loose tracks, an appearance on Dreamville’s group compilation, and his Pivot Gang album, and Smino following up Noir with “Reverend” and his Chance The Rapper feature, “Eternal.”