Noname Warns Fans Not To Call Trump The ‘Worst President In US History’

Noname won’t let her recent negative experiences with social media backlashes prevent her from continuing to share her thoughts on politics and social justice. Tuesday afternoon, she tweeted — and later deleted — another controversial opinion, this one relating to the current occupant of the White House.

While plenty of folks have expressed their distaste for Donald Trump, Noname warned against setting all of the current issues plaguing the world at his feet, reminding her followers that he’s just the latest in a long line of office holders who have supported harmful policies.

“Framing Trump as the worst president in U.S. history is unproductive and misleading,” she tweeted. “”You can’t measure presidents against each other when they’ve all in one way or another enacted crimes against humanity. Unless a president abolishes this U.S. colonial empire, they are all the same.”

She offered a few examples, writing, “Trump is horrible and has no business in any position of power but let’s not forget who expanded the prison industrial complex. Let’s not forget who had more drone strikes than any other president. Let’s not forget the 200,000 murdered during “War On Terror” which was imperialism.”

The tweets garnered a mixed reception — as they so often do. Of course, some commenters held the opinion that Trump has either severely mishandled a number of crises or outright attacked the civil liberties of marginalized people over the course of his first term. Others, meanwhile, thought that Noname had a point.

Noname herself previously admitted that she is no leader, but that she educated herself and started her book club to help others do the same. However, the outsized influence of her platform has certainly ensured that her opinions will reach a much wider group of people with diverse philosophies and beliefs and that not all of them will agree.