The NRA Is Already Moaning About Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Performance And Calls Beyoncé A ‘Dunce’

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02.04.17 25 Comments

The commercial delivery mechanism known as the Super Bowl hasn’t even arrived yet and The NRA’s “TV” branch is already chastising Lady Gaga over what might appear in Sunday’s halftime show. A pop at Beyoncé also made its way into the proceedings, so we imagine the Beyhive is taking notice.

Conservative commentator Bill Whittle popped by NRATV’s Stinchfield to provide an preemptive rebuke of what Mother Monster might trot out during the Falcons/Patriots game. Gaga, an unapologetic Hillary Clinton supporter through 2016 and known to be the outspoken sort, hasn’t promised anything super-specific on a halftime message beyond what the recording artist says she’s expressed her entire career. (Unpack that how you will.) That approach clearly makes Whittle uncomfortable and the finger wagging has already begun. Whittle frames a potential political action as a declaration of war against what he considers to be the real America. Your America may vary.

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