Anderson .Paak And Knxwledge Proceed To ‘Get Bigger’ With Their Latest NxWorries’ Track

Anderson .Paak is quietly having a banner year. Or, maybe that’s not so quietly depending on how closely people have been paying attention. His Malibu project released in early 2016 and, with only three months left on the calendar, it’s a safe bet to assume the project will land on many album of the year lists. But, that’s not where .Paak’s success stops because he’s also on board to release Yes Lawd!, the debut album from NxWorries, the collaborative duo composed of .Paak and producer Knxwledge.

With the LP’s release only days away, the two have shared a new tune titled “Get Bigger / Do U Luv” to whet fans’ appetites. The coming of age tale builds around .Paak’s quest to make it in the music biz and the gambles he took along the way. Over Knxwledge’s smooth, dusty groove, .Paak puts his gravelly vocals to work describing two life-altering scenarios: one involving ditching a job and choosing to hustle and the other centering around his relationship with a chick who “had [his] nose wide open I could sniff a cue-ball.” When faced with the decision to stay or leave the gig and also his muse, he opts to separate himself from both and, in hindsight, it’s clear he made the right move in his quest to “Get Bigger.”

Yes Lawd!, which is already been declared “a masterpiece,” is out on October 21st via Stones Throw. Listen to “Get Bigger” below and also check out the prior release, “Lyk Dis.” Pre-order the album right here.