The NYPD Apparently Had Pop Smoke And Others Removed From Rolling Loud Due To Gang Affiliation

Rolling Loud New York was off to a smooth start this weekend, selling out of tickets Saturday and boasting sets from Travis Scott, ASAP Rocky, and Meek Mill. The NYPD was there to ensure festival attendees were safe, but some think police went too far after requesting certain sets to be canceled due to apparent gang affiliation.

A letter surfaced Saturday which shows the NYPD wanted Rolling Loud to cancel sets from Pop Smoke, Casanova, 22GZ, Sheff G, and Don Q. The letter cites “safety concerns,” but many are reading through the lines to believe the NYPD was concerned about the rappers’ alleged gang ties.

The letter was sent to Rolling Loud headquarters on October 9, just a few days before the festival’s opening day at Citi Field. The letter, short and concise, requests that the five rappers be excluded from the weekend’s festivities.

“The above listed performers have been affiliated with recent acts of violence citywide, The New York Police Department believes if these individuals are allowed to perform, there will be a higher risk of violence,” the letter reads.

Rolling Loud founder Tariq Cherif responded to the letter and fan’s disappointment on Twitter. Cherif said all the canceled acts would be paid in full and offered future Rolling Loud sets. Cherif also explained the letter was everything the public saw, but “way more” happened behind closed doors which forced Rolling Loud to comply with the NYPD’s wishes.

Though several acts were forcibly canceled by police, the show still went on and Travis Scott closed out the festival’s opening night.