Rumor Has It Oasis Are Looking For Opening Acts, So Is A Reunion Tour Coming After All?

11.01.16 2 years ago 5 Comments

Jill Furmanovsky

It appears that signs are pointing toward an Oasis reunion tour for 2017.

Reports are beginning to surface that the legendary Britpop band is tapping opening acts, with shoegaze greats Ride among the selection. This news comes in the weeks after it was revealed that bookies had suspended their betting on the band reuniting in 2017.

As NME reports, Australia’s Noise11 claims they received a tip from an inside source about an upcoming tour featuring a “UK rock band from the 90s with a very close connection to Liam Gallagher” who apparently “have been tapped as the opening act… fans are in for the ‘ride’ of their life.” Ride, which features guitarist Andy Bell who also played in Oasis and later Beady Eye, reformed after twenty years for a very successful tour in 2015 and seems like a logical choice to serve as support.

Despite the ongoing claims from Liam Gallagher that his brother Noel is a “potato” and that the band will never reform, the insider reports that these public spout between the Gallaghers “has well and truly been mended, although a public display of antagonism may work in the favor of publicity.”

Mat Whitecross, the director of the lauded Oasis documentary Supersonic discussed the possibility of a reunion with Billboard last month. “The tricky thing is, the more people put pressure on them, the less likely it is to happen… But the way Noel talks about the fans at the end of the film is something he comes back to again and again. He’s very generous about their contribution, and I think he would do it for [the fans]. Noel has never said no, but he makes jokes about it. Liam says, ‘Come on, let’s get back on the road!’ He’s keen to do it.”

2017 is only a few months away, and only time will tell if the Gallaghers have reconciled their difference and Oasis will be hitting the road once again.

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