Of Course The ‘Entourage’ Movie Features An Unreleased Tom Petty Song

tom petty and entourage
Getty/Warner Bros.

Whether you know exactly what you’re getting into or not, the Entourage movie is coming and there’s nothing that can stop it. Not even all the witty might of the film’s Honest Trailer will be enough to discourage otherwise upstanding citizens from attending screenings. In fact, the latest news from Billboard about the soundtrack just might encourage even more people to stick around until the closing credits.

Turns out director Doug Ellin inadvertently stumbled upon a not-so-new album in the works from Tom Petty, Wildflowers: All the Rest. If that name rings a bell, it’s because Wildflowers was Petty’s classic second outing as a solo artist. It featured several highly successful singles, including “You Don’t Know How It Feels.”

How did Ellin come across this old/new project? Oh, nothing much — he was just hanging out with super producer Rick Rubin:

“I was at Rick Rubin’s studio with Scott [Vener, Entourage music supervisor], listening to him and The Weeknd do some things together,” Ellin said.

“Rick mentioned that Tom Petty had a bunch of unreleased songs from when he did Wildflower [sic], and that there was gonna be a second album at one point. So I said, ‘Can we hear it while we’re sitting here?’ So we heard a bunch of Tom Petty songs we’d never heard before,” Ellin said.

“We ended up getting it. We’ve got a great Tom Petty song that closes the movie,” Vener told Fader. “It’s perfect.”

So yeah. That’s how Ellin got the song, “Somewhere Under Heaven,” for the upcoming Entourage movie. Give it a listen below:

(Via Billboard)