This Parody Gives ‘The Official Donald Trump Jam’ By The Freedom Girls Accurate Lyrics

The internet collectively gasped in horror earlier this month when a trio of young girls from Florida known as “The Freedom Girls” were recruited and possibly brainwashed to perform the “Official Donald Trump Jam” at a Donald Trump rally in Pensacola. It’s some North Korea-level propaganda that will likely have those poor children in therapy for years and years and years to come.

While we can’t stop the madness, we can make fun of it — as the YouTube channel Dirty Cues has put together this parody “Official Trump is a Chump Jam,” by the Freedom of Speech Kids. Sample lyrics include:

Facist! Is he serious?
Brainwashed singing children — can you handle this?
Our dad got paid! Lots of cash! Now we sing! All this trash!
Free speech is for white men USA!

Reality star Trump / knows how to spread hateful rhetoric–
He’s lowest common denominator every time!

Sadly, we don’t think they’re entirely wrong when they claim that a goat would make for a better president than Donald Trump. Couldn’t be worse!

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