Offset Thinks That ‘Fortnite’ is ‘Wack And For Kids’

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Fortnite is one of the most popular video games in the world. The two-year-old Epic Games property has raked in one billion dollars in revenue. In 2019, you can’t so much as blink before hearing it referenced in a song or learning that some new, popular dance is being used in the game. Despite all this, it appears not everyone is a fan of the game.

During one of Cardi B’s recent live streams (as noted by Complex), Migos rapper Offset was playing video games while chatting with his wife. When Cardi asked him about how he felt about the immensely popular game, the rapper gave a very strong response. “That sh*t for kids, that sh*t wack,” he said. “I like Call Of Duty, get your ass in the field, real game. If you gon’ die, you gon die. All that building up, it ain’t real life.”

Call Of Duty, the first person shooter game series produced by Activision, aims to simulate real-live military combat, dropping its users in such settings as Nazi-occupied France and modern day Afghanistan. Offset cited Fortnite relatively cartoon-like quality as a reason for his distaste for it.

“It’s really for the little kids though. You got Bugs Bunny and sh*t playing as a character and all types of little funny sh*t,” the Father Of 4 said.