Here’s The Offspring’s ‘Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)’ Sung By 230 Different Movies

It appears a certain YouTuber certainly had, perhaps, way too much time on his hands this past Sunday. Known by the username “The Unusual Suspect,” avid YouTuber Ross Thompson remixed the ’90s smash “Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)” using only second-long clips from 230 different movies.

This meticulous cinematic remix of The Offspring‘s classic single from their album Americana features treasured film favorites, both new and old. The rendition of the 1998 hit opens with a musical prelude courtesy of a few seconds from The Muppets that then quickly highlights about 11 more movies just for the song’s repeated preamble of “Give it to me, baby.”

From there, the clips seem to move even more rapidly, sometimes intermixing syllables from different films to achieve the desired word. It feels impossible to even blink without missing a snippet from either Shrek, The Big Lebowski, Good Will Hunting or any of the other 227 movies spotlighted in the video. Even if you manage to resist the urge to alleviate your dry eyes, some of the soundbites are so fleeting, they’re unrecognizable to even the most pretentious film buff.

Some brief lurking of The Unusual Suspect’s page, shows his trick to this seemingly painstaking endeavor is the website GetYarn. So if you find yourself with about 20 hours to kill and a dire need to procrastinate along with a yearning to remix a modern banger or throwback bop, meet your new hobby.