OMG Bieber's 'Boyfriend' Video Is So Hawt, You Guys!

Okay, who’s ready for some SEXXXY Bieber action with their Fruit Loops on this lovely Friday morning? Oh come on — you know you want some, especially when it involves Biebs just flat ripping J-Timberlake’s act off in front of our very eyes. Besides, I feel as though I’d be doing UPROXX network workhorse Burnsy — an intense lover of this song — a horrible disservice if I didn’t post this video.

Also, if you’re bored at work today, you can kill hours reading the retarded YouTube comments already attached to this thing. HOURS. It’s just filled with goodness like this gem from “BelieberSwag”

I am so proud of Justin. Its course. I support it since its first video “One Time” The Haterz, it is because of that we’ve come so far, but thanks to you. Watch this clip who is loved more and more time. Admire the man who has become thanks to you. Yes he was 18. It is no longer the kid who sang “Baby” or “gay” ACCEPT it. For the most part, you know his name, not its history. Make a video, which could reach 2,012,595 viewers. & There you can insult him


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