President Obama’s Greatest Mistake Was Leaving One Direction Off His Summer Playlists

Madame Tussauds Appoint A Tissue Attendant For One Direction Fans After Zayn Malik's Departure
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One Direction brought chicken fries back to Burger King, but that’s apparently not enough to be recognized by President Obama, who snubbed the boy band in his Spotify summer playlists. Among the artists in his Daytime and Nighttime mixes are Justin Timberlake, Howlin’ Wolf, Aretha Franklin and Otis Redding, but no One Direction, who are NOT having the best [summer] ever.

Their legion of adoring, tear-stained fans, Directioners, are having none of this. They’re demanding that “Drag Me Down,” which recently broke Spotify’s single-day streaming record (with 4.75 million plays in 24 hours), replace that nobody, Bob Dylan, on Obama’s White House jamz.

Obama isn’t the first president to put together a playlist — Bill Clinton’s can be found here, and with Sarah McLachlan and David Sanborn, it’s MUCH worse than Obama’s — but he is the first to be yelled at on Twitter for not listening to a boy band. Guy just can’t catch a break. Twitter is giving him sh*t for leaving off One Direction, and Joe Biden’s been dropping hints that there should be more Jock Jams (and by more Jock Jams, he means the complete Jock Jams, all five volumes).

Joe Biden loves his “Tootsee Roll.”