One Of The Guys From One Direction Got Decked At A Soccer Match

09.09.13 4 years ago 6 Comments

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Louis Tomlinson of the band One Direction was on the wrong end of one hell of a tackle during a friendly game of soccer yesterday and had to leave the field, where he promptly threw up. The event took place during a match between the Doncaster Rovers and Aston Villa. Tomilson has signed temporarily to the Doncaster Rovers for charity.

Make no mistake: this is pretty big news in the tween world. The player who knocked him out – Gabby Agbonlahor – has allegedly already received death threats from hordes of angry young girls. So he’s got that going for him, which is nice.

It’s also interesting to note that the game had 60,000 people in attendance. The Doncaster Rovers are by no means a top-tier soccer club and this was a “friendly” match with no official meaning; a listen to the audio in the video below might give a clue as to why there’s so many people there (hint: it’s the dude from One Direction). Tomilson makes his official debut on September 17th.

(h/t: The Guardian)

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