Oprah Will Host An Interview With The Subjects Of The Michael Jackson ‘Leaving Neverland’ Documentary


Much has been made about the Michael Jackson Leaving Neverland documentary, and it’s finally going to premiere on HBO in March. Immediately after the documentary is done, Oprah will be uncovering more of the story in an interview with the film’s subjects — Wade Robson and James Safechuck — and its director, Dan Reed.

According to a press release, Oprah Winfrey Presents: After Neverland is set to air right after the premiere of the second part of Leaving Neverland on March 4. The special was “taped before an audience of survivors of sexual abuse and others whose lives have been impacted by it,” and the interview will also be available on the ‘Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations’ podcast.

Meanwhile, Jackson’s family spoke with Oprah’s close friend Gayle King on today’s episode of CBS This Morning, and they admitted to not having seen Leaving Neverland. Michael’s older brother Jackie said, “I don’t have to see the documentary. I know Michael. I know what he stood for, what he was all about… People that really know him, they know the truth too.”

Jackson’s nephew Taj also said of the sleepovers Jackson would have with children, “I grew up in it, so for me it wasn’t odd. You know, I think, to the outside world, yes, I think it can be odd. I mean, I’m not oblivious to what it sounds like. But when you’re actually there in that atmosphere and you’re around it, and you’re watching movies with his kids, whether it’s Little Rascals or Three Stooges, and you’re watching these things, it’s like, it’s very innocent. But I think the fault on my uncle was he just, he didn’t have that bone in his body to look at it the other way. And I think that was the thing, is that his naiveté was his downfall in a way.”

Watch King’s interview with Jackson’s family above.