Oprah Winfrey Versus The Internet’s Favorite Yelling Goat, WHO YA GOT?

YouTube member Arjen92 has put together the Oprah Winfrey and yelling goat mashup to end all Oprah Winfrey and yelling goat mashups. (Of which there are many. If you don’t believe me you should see the “Oprah Goat” folder on my hard drive. No it’s not filled with porn who told you?)

The first video below took clips showing Oprah’s habit of emphasizing the last syllable in every guest’s name and mixed it with the same yelling goat that went viral when YouTube member synced it with Usher’s “Papers” (second video below). It then builds up to an ever more absurd crescendo of yelling goaty Oprah cacophony. (Sidenote: “Crescendo of Yelling Goaty Oprah Cacophony” is the name of my new wave band.)

I love you, internet. And here’s that aforementioned Usher mashup:

[Hat tip and the gift of bees to THD.]