Our Long National Nightmare Is Over — Jessica Simpson Is Skinny Again

Unbeknownst to most people, Jessica Simpson has spent the past few months getting quietly in sick shape over on Instagram, after a second attempt at Weight Watchers — the first one being thwarted after she got pregnant with her second child. In these photos posted over the holiday weekend, this is the best shape she’s been in since before the Great Mom Jeans-ening of 2009, when America collectively lost its sh*t after a full figured Simpson stepped out in what was, in retrospect, a pretty unflattering outfit.

But damn. I know it’s probably in somewhat poor taste to give in to commenting on a female celebrity’s body in the wake of YesAllWomen, but girlfriend is ripped. I run at least 20 miles a week and my legs don’t look that good. (I mean, they don’t look bad, but my calves couldn’t exactly cut glass.)

So, good for her. I have to admit, that’s pretty impressive after having two kids, even if all it took was having no real job other than putting her name on things, limitless resources, trainers, dieticians, nannies, a binding contract with Weight Watchers, et cetera.