Keepin’ It In The Family: Six Great Musical Collaborations Between Parent And Child

There are fewer bonds that are stronger than family. It’s what keeps you together, despite the fact that you fight half the time. It’s the kind of love that makes you feel like you belong more than anything else. It’s the concept that launched seven Fast and Furious films. You get the idea.

There’s been a long and storied history of family members in bands, but most of those have been siblings – from some of the greatest groups of all-time like The Jackson 5, The Beach Boys, and The Allman Brothers to more modern marvels like The Clipse and Haim. But it’s not that often that parents and their kids get together to make meaningful music. Perhaps that rarity is what makes something like Madisen Ward and The Mama Bear so special. But there have been a small handful of other cases when a proud mom or dad teamed up with their kid to hit the road or record together. Here’s a few of the best parent and kid collaborations.

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