Lil Wayne Signed Paris Hilton To His Record Label Just Like ‘Revelations’ Said He Would

Well, we can put up our things and pack our bags because it won’t get much more obnoxious than this. Lil Wayne’s Young Money/Cash Money label has been around for a while and is actually responsible for some legendary rap moments.

This isn’t one of them. Check the tweet from label CEO and spacebar hater, Birdman.

Their new signee is none other than Paris Hilton. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. This is taking trolling to a new level.

Paris Hilton doesn’t have a single skill in the world that should earn her a label deal but, alas, the music industry is a horrible place right now. The word is, she’s going to make an album of House music because EDM is hot now and the right producer can hide just how terrible the vocalist is.

Quick, think about your favorite Indie artist or band. Now think about the fact that Paris Hilton has a record deal. And is Fred Durst’s label mate. Where’s LL Cool J to make sense of this?

Here’s a reminder of what we’re in for.