Patton Oswalt Makes A Great Fake President In Weezer’s Latest Music Video

The 2016 presidential election has been a complete trash fire on most (all) levels, so Weezer and Patton Oswalt are here to help everyone through the next month with a fun romp through the White House*. Patton, decked out in an American flag bandanna and patriotic sweatbands, lip syncs to Weezer’s “I Love The USA” while he dances on the President’s desk and has an all together great time.

*Note: Definitely was not filmed in the real White House.

Patton has had a rough year, with the loss of his wife and some time away from comedy after her death. His return to the comedy stage is still a few weeks away by his own admittance but this music video is hilarious in its own right. After the year this country has been through it’s about time somebody reminded us again that this place is great and doesn’t need to be made great again. Judging it as a Weezer anthem alone, this isn’t that great a song. But add in Patton professing how much he loves the country while kicking back on a White House couch and then shredding on the guitar while he stands atop the desk, and the song gets appreciably better.

(via Rolling Stone)