Paul McCartney Isn’t Planning On Being A Pot Smoking Grandpa Anymore

05.31.15 4 years ago 3 Comments
Paul McCartney Out There Tour 2015

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Paul McCartney is somewhat synonymous with marijuana, if only because of the unfortunate time back in 1980 when he spent 10 days in jail for trying to bring a ton of weed into Japan. And that’s only the most notable of his ganja related criminal mishaps. However, the music legend and former member of The Beatles has given up smoking the reefer for a simple reason: he’s now a grandfather.

McCartney told the Daily Mirror that he doesn’t want to set a bad example for his children and his grandchildren, and that he now prefers a bit of wine or a margarita as opposed to puffing herb. The 72-year-old musician, marijuana or not, is still going strong, and is still performing worldwide as one of the biggest names in the history of the concept of music. Maybe without drugs McCartney won’t make anything like “Helter Skelter” again, but he’s doing it for the kids.

(Via Billboard)

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