Paul McCartney And Rihanna Teamed Up At Desert Trip For A Fun Performance

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When Paul McCartney asked his special guest out on stage for this weekend’s Desert Trip performance, he joked that he “finally found someone under 50.” As funny a dig at the festival’s audience was, the guest was able to fit right in on stage with Paul and his band.

Because she’s Rihanna, and Rihanna fits in anywhere.

The world famous pop star joined the former Beatle on stage to perform their hit record “FourFiveSeconds” which they hadn’t performed together since their 2015 Grammy’s performance with Kanye West. No sign of Kanye this time but the two artists performing blew the crowd away with the song.

Rihanna has been slightly off the grid this week, having gone home for a family visit and spent time getting some stylish dredlocks. There were no sign of the dreds on Saturday night, but Rihanna looked like she was having a great time re-joining Paul on stage.

Tellingly, the duo had to put the lyrics up on the big screen so the audience would sing along. The target audience for Desert Trip isn’t “yay Rihanna is here” but closer to “I can’t wait to tell my daughter I saw Rihanna and she didn’t.” Both artists have been singing the song on their solo tours since it was released, but this latest pair up proves they should do the song together more often.

(via Rolling Stone)

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