Paul McCartney Invited A 10-Year-Old Fan To Play Bass With Him On Stage

Rarely does a video of a musician inviting a fan, especially a young one, onstage to play a song with them fail to tug at the heartstrings. It’s especially awesome to watch when it’s an outright music legend like former Beatle Paul McCartney. Some cool stuff has happened at the future Pirates of the Caribbean cast member’s shows recently, but this might take the cake. At a recent concert in Argentina, McCartney noticed a young girl holding a sign that caught his attention. McCartney invited the girl and her mother to join him onstage, apparently expecting her to ask him to sign her stuffed monkey. But the girl, who introduced herself as Leila Lacase, instead propositioned something quite different.

“I want to play bass with you,” she stated with conviction usually only seen in lawyers proclaiming their clients’ innocence. McCartney seemed amused by the prospect, telling the audience, “This could be interesting.” But when you’ve been playing music as long as Paul McCartney (even, according to Malcolm Gladwell, clocking in well over 10,000 hours of live performance) you probably learn to embrace the unexpected. A stagehand brought the girl a bass and what followed was pretty dang special.

It’s awesome to not only see a young girl who clearly has a gift at an early age cut loose and show off with a bonafide legend of music, but also to see that even one of the most popular musicians of all time hasn’t lost his sense of humor.

(Via Consequence Of Sound)