Paul Rudd And Jimmy Fallon Look Ridiculous In This Shot-For-Shot Remake Of A Styx Music Video

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04.30.16 2 Comments

It doesn’t take much to get Paul Rudd to toss on a wig and hop in front of camera for some silliness. He’s done it in Anchorman, he’s done it on The Tonight Show, and he’s done for those private moments not meant for public consumption. We’re talking about the second moment this time around.

The Civil War star joined Jimmy Fallon and his Styx obsession for a shot-for-shot remake of the Styx video for “Too Much Time On My Hands.” It’s not a horrible song, but it is Styx and I am wary to call it classic. Though it’s hard to go wrong with the presence of Dennis DeYoung in the band, like a poor man’s Steve Perry.

Fallon takes on DeYoung and Rudd is given the chance to play Tommy Shaw in his pre-Damn Yankees form — sadly he was not able to capture the Prince Adam hair that Shaw sported with his wig choice here. A.D. Miles was also unable to capture the pure animal magnetism of James “J.Y.” Young, who somehow looks like a cross between Michael “P.S.” Hayes and Ron Perlman’s Beast in this video.

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