Peach’s ‘Silky’ Is A Playful Introduction To The Emerging UK-Based Artist And Her New Label, Intergraded

UK-based DJ and producer Peach will be releasing her first ever track at the end of the week, thanks to new imprint Intergraded. You can hear the song above.

Clocking in at around seven minutes, “Silky” is a high-energy and playful cut that’s built around a solid bassline and a repeated bustling melody that sounds like atomic bugs cheerfully chirping away. Those sounds are supported by an enveloping ambient synth line, which gives the song its silky, synthy melodic undercurrent. Soulful vocals make brief appearances throughout, as if they were beckoning to the listener from some far off place.

The track is set to appear on a new four song EP from brand new label Intergraded. The EP will also feature songs from JAY, Webstarr and Body In The Thames.

Intergraded is the second sub-label of Graded, founded by Harry Agius (aka British DJ/producer Midland) back in 2013 as a vehicle for his own releases. The first is ReGraded which Agius established in 2015.

Originally from Toronto, Peach is perhaps best known for her work on the Radar Radio show, Snacktime with Peach (& Pals), though more recently her mixes can be heard on her monthly NTS show.

Intergraded will release INTGRD001 on 2/23. You can pre-order the EP here.

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