Perfume Genius Shares A Devastating New Track, ‘Not For Me’

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Perfume Genius (real name Mike Hadreas) announced a two-song partnership with label W Records last week, with proceeds from the songs benefiting Immigration Equality. Hadreas also shared a reworked version of his song “Alan” for the project, and today the singer has released a brand new track. “Not For Me” is a devastating, ethereal song about feeling undeserving of love. “Ballads are being sung, but not for me,” Hadreas sings over ambient synths.

But despite the melancholy of the song’s lyrics, Hadreas assures that everyone is deserving of love and of fair, just treatment under the law. Immigration Equality is an organization that fights for LGBTQ immigrant rights. It’s a cause close to Hadreas’ heart. Hadreas says of Immigration Equality:

“Immigration Equality is doing important work providing free legal services for LGBTQ and HIV-positive individuals that are seeking asylum in the US. It’s a hugely important cause to me, especially now. Like many generations before us, we still have many challenges facing us here in America, but also around the world. In over 80 countries being LGBTQ is still criminalized. It is vital that we as a nation and as a global community continue to fiercely support those that keep us moving forward. Everyone deserves a chance to be safe and free. It is a human right.”

Listen to “Not For Me” below and look for more new music from Perfume Genius coming soon.

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