Premiere: Pet Symmetry’s ‘LTCTLYB’ Is The Slickest Sounding Joke You’ll Hear All Year

To a certain class of music listener, Pet Symmetry is a supergroup. Fans of whatever wave of emo we’re lumping the current crop of feels-based rockers under will recognize members Evan Weiss, Erik Czaja and Marcus Nuccio from time spent in Into It. Over It., Dowsing and What Gives, respectively. But the trio didn’t start with the lofty aspirations that that label might bring to mind.

They weren’t forming like Voltron with the intention of giving the Galra Empire a piece of their mind. The members just wanted a place to fool around with ideas that were too silly for their primary band. But you wouldn’t know that listening to a song like “LTCTLYB.” The new track from their upcoming album Vision — which we’re premiering today — sounds as slick and tight as anything from their everyday projects.

The chugging guitars on “LTCTLYB” are reminiscent of Beach Slang, which makes sense given that the new album shares a producer with those not-quite-teenage angsters. Over top of that, the trio have managed to lay down some harmonies that are more polished than you’d ever expect from a band that frequently incorporates low-budget theatrics like black-metal makeup and matching outfits into their shows.

Vision — so named because of the bespectacled band’s compulsory need to mock itself — is out on Polyvinyl on May 26. Snag a copy here.