Premiere: Pop Percussionist Petra Glynt’s Hypercolor ‘Fell In A Hole’ Video Announces Her Debut Album

Montreal-based songwriter Petra Glynt has announced her debut album, This Trip, which is set to come out on Vibe Over Method on October 22nd. To accompany this news, Glynt (aka Alexandra Mackenzie) is premiering her video for the single “Fell In A Hole” on Uproxx Music today. Watch it above.

Mackenzie stars as a big bad CEO, chomping on cigars while the planet falls by the wayside. In typical Petra Glynt fashion, Mackenzie fills the video with vibrancy and intricate visual detail, opting to swap out the business world’s usual muted tones for bright, bold hyper-color. Though she’s singing about shadowy business practices, the darkness really doesn’t come into play until the chorus, which gives it a much stronger impact.

“The video features a CEO and her office workers doing pointless tasks while the world is burning on the screen,” Mackenzie wrote of the video’s colorful concept in an email. “It’s the insanity of corporate interests paired with the state of the planet… but in a fun way!”

Pairing up with Lesley Marshall to co-direct the video, Mackenzie says a priority at the outset of filming was to “have a whole cast and crew of women and femme-identifying people.” On the song’s subject matter, Mackenzie explained that it’s about “resource extraction and taking more than what is sustainable. It’s about the way our attitudes shape the landscape and how that way of thinking is unsustainable.”

The song and record were mixed by Damian Taylor, known for his work with Björk, Arcade Fire and Austra. Vibe Over Method is Taylor’s new label imprint.

The tracklist is below:

1. “This Trip”
2. “Fell In A Hole”
3. “Radical”
4. “Up To The People”
5. “Domino”
6. “Propaganda”
7. “Stop Time”
8. “The Cold”
9. “The Cruel”
10. “This You Need”

Petra Glynt’s debut This Trip is out 10/22 via Vibe Over Method.