Pharrell Sings His Favorite TV Theme Songs With Jimmy Fallon On ‘The Tonight Show’

Pharrell Williams and Jimmy Fallon took a moment on The Tonight Show to geek out about ’80s television. On top of Pharrell executing a few spot-on sitcom poses inspired by Jimmy’s cheesy opening credits parody earlier that night, the duo shared their favorite theme songs from the genre’s golden age.

It wouldn’t surprise anyone familiar with the music world’s favorite immortal to know that Williams was big on instrumental themes, particularly Knight Rider.

Jimmy Fallon talked about loving the Barney Miller theme, air-guitaring to the tune with what he calls “John Mayer face.” (We’re bigger fans of Este Haim’s bass face, personally.)

Talking about the composition of theme songs led Questlove to jump in and lend some of his encyclopedic musical knowledge to the discussion. Pharrell added that the Roots drummer should have his own musical knowledge app that would answer questions like Siri in Questlove’s voice. (Note: Anyone who has read Mo’ Meta Blues and/or watched a lot of The Tonight Show who somehow doesn’t want this to become a reality is not a person worth knowing.)

This isn’t the first time that things went ’80s for Fallon and Pharrell. The last time that the Voice judge appeared on the show, they portrayed the fake R&B duo Afro & Deziak.