Pharrell Takes A Knee At The Concert For Charlottesville Because ‘That’s What The Flag Is For’

It was a weekend full of political protests, thanks in part to Donald Trump’s comments on NFL players protesting by taking a knee during the national anthem. Trump called those players “son of a b*tch,” which only spurred more protests all around the league, which led to more comments from Trump. The protests occurred in the music world as well, first with Stevie Wonder at the Global Citizen Festival in New York, and late Sunday Pharrell joined the fray at the Concert For Charlottesville.

The show was dubbed “an evening of music and unity” and featured performances from Ariana Grande, Dave Matthews Band, Justin Timberlake, The Roots and more. With Pharrell a Virginia native, it’s easy to see why he felt the need to support his home state, and when given the chance he took a knee as well, and though he never mentioned the NFL or Trump by name, it was clear that was on his mind.

“Can’t nobody tell me what to do,” he said during his performance. “If I want to get on my knees right now, for the people in my city, for the people in my state, that’s what that flag is for.” The concert was free for everybody who could attend and those looking to donate to the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation can do so at the Concert For Charlottesville website here. The funds raised will go to “victims of the events in Charlottesville on August 11 and 12, their families, first responders, and organizations devoted to the promotion of healing, unity and justice locally and nationwide.”