It Looks Like Pharrell’s Something In The Water Festival May Be In Trouble Just Weeks Out From Its Start Date

Getty Image

Virginia Beach hometown hero Pharrell Williams brought excitement to the area with the announcement of his Something In The Water festival just weeks ago, but now, the event is facing pushback from the city after some serious logistical issues surfaced, just weeks out from its projected start date.

Alissa Skelton of The Virginian-Pilot reported from Virginia Beach City Council yesterday afternoon that council members have concerns about the last-minute seeming nature of the festival’s planning. Of particular note is the festival’s plan to use the city’s school buses during the festival, which they feel could cause liability issues for the city with tired drivers on Monday morning.

Also, Skelton made it a point to note that with the festival just about three weeks away, there is still no schedule of events, so it’s hard to determine exact logistical needs. While Pharrell’s partnership with Airbnb seems geared toward accommodating festival attendees’ needs, the city council apparently has an entirely different set of concerns to address.

After all, we all remember Fyre Festival’s clear red flags ahead of the fest’s disastrous weekend in the Bahamas. How could anyone forget with not just one, but two competing documentaries currently on streaming services. While it’s highly doubtful Something In The Water could reach a fiasco of those proportions, considering that it’s taking place in a mainland city rather than on a tiny island, if these issues can’t be resolved, I don’t think anyone would mind if the festival were postponed a couple months, if only to ensure that everyone has a good time — and that Virginia Beach’s students make it school safe and sound.