Even The Philadelphia Police Department’s Offering Kanye West A Job To Help Pay Off His Debt Now

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A little bit of background here: The Philadelphia Police Department is very good at social media. Just a few instances of the department’s brilliance include using Drake’s “Hotline Bling” to try to get people to not save parking spots before the last blizzard, turning a viral 1991 Sizzler commercial into a recruiting video, and using an old clip from Saved By the Bell as an anti-drug PSA.

Now they’ve jumped on the “let’s all point and laugh at Kanye West” wagon, following on the heels of Pizza Hut UK, which has been relentlessly trolling West on Twitter in the wake of his admission that he’s $53 million in debt. Likewise, Philly Police also has a job offer for West — and this one a bit more lucrative — with a starting salary of $48,000 so he’d be able to get himself out of debt in just 1,106 years!

What do you think? The blue suits him nicely, if you ask me. Who knows, maybe the police uniform will inspire him fashion-wise, and by next year’s Fashion Week everybody will be walking around dressed like cops. Dumber things have happened!

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