Watch Phoebe Bridgers And Conor Oberst Bring Better Oblivion Community Center To ‘CBS This Morning’

A few days ago, the world learned of Better Oblivion Community Center, a new joint project from Phoebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst. Just as quickly as they found out, fans were treated to the group’s self-titled debut album and a late-night TV performance on The Late Show. Over the weekend, the group continued their television crusade, this time with a big appearance on CBS This Morning, during which they sat down for an interview and performed ‘Dylan Thomas,’ ‘Didn’t Know What I Was In For,’ and ‘My City.’

The interview was a charming display of just how much Bridgers and Oberst enjoy each other’s company: They frequently joked and laughed during the conversation, and at one point, Bridgers even picked a “crusty… eye thing” off Oberst’s face.

The two also talked about the reason for keeping Better Oblivion Community Center a secret, with Bridgers saying, “I just didn’t want anybody to hear that we had a project and know both of our music and make an assumption about what it sounded like.” Oberst also said they wanted this project to be different than their other output: “[We] definitely wanted to avoid the kind of ‘duets’ album and anything too tender and folky. […] We do a lot of that.”

Watch the band’s performances and interview above and below, and revisit our interview with Bridgers and Oberst here.