Phoebe Bridgers’ Tiny Desk Performance Is A Gentle Reimagining Of Songs Off Her Strong Debut

Phoebe Bridgers‘ emotionally vulnerable music is just begging to be stripped down into a more unplugged format, which makes her the perfect candidate for her own NPR Tiny Desk concert. Well, she got one, and it’s as intimate and brilliant as you’d expect.

Backed by Ethan Gruska and Rob Moose (both of whom worked Bridgers’ debut album Stranger In The Alps) on violin, piano, and some whirring electronic thing, Bridgers ran through three songs from her record, starting with the actress-channeling “Demi Moore.” Then she moves on to “Motion Sickness,” which she says is “about being in love with someone who’s super mean to you,” which backs up what she previously told us about the track: “It’s so specific, and about a specific person who was not super stoked when I showed them that song.” Her set concludes with “Killer,” which sounds stunning with just Bridgers vocals backed by piano and violin.

Bridgers also just shared a similarly intimate cover of the holiday classic, “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas,” so there’s precedent for Bridgers sounding comfortably serene on this sort of rendition.

Watch Bridgers’ performance above, find our review of her debut album here, and check out our interview with Bridgers here.