Miss Piggy And Kermit The Frog Perfectly Parodied Adele’s ‘Hello’ Video

At Sunday evening’s American Music Awards, two Muppets acted out their own version of Adele‘s “Hello” video. You may be aware of Kermit and Piggy’s dramatic breakup during the summer of splits (girl, it was messy), but this video gives us an indication of just how deep their emotions still run. Kermit may have swiftly moved forward with Denise the Pig while Piggy rebounded with Liam Hemsworth, but these two Muppets still have it bad for each other. All of the soaring glory of Adele’s song was delightfully translated into monochrome madness by puppets, and it works surprisingly well.

Of course, the video acted as a commercial for the newest incarnation of the The Muppets on television, yet it also functioned as a hilarious diversion while breaking from an otherwise humdrum awards show. We’ve already seen some excellent covers and fitting narrations of Adele’s voyage back into the pop music landscape, but Piggy and Kermit put their all into this cover. Their sadly failed relationship provides further context for Adele’s work. Dare I say this is the best imitation of Adele’s song so far? You be the judge.

How does the Muppets parody compare to the Adele original?