Pinegrove Attempt To Return From Scandal With A New Album, ‘Skylight,’ Out This Week

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Last year, indie-folk band Pinegrove saw their fast-rising star considerably halted when leader Evan Stephans Hall made a sudden apology for sexual coercion and put his band on hiatus while he received therapy. For a band who hold many in their fandom that identify as feminists or subscribe to progressive ideas on gender roles and politics, it was a necessary step to regain the trust of that audience.

Now following time to reflect and seek help, the album that was completed before the band’s hiatus is being released. Skylight will be offered up this week, noon EST on September 28 via Bandcamp, as has been revealed in a deep-dive on the band’s scandal and rehabilitation process by Pitchfork. The record will be self-released, though they are clear to say that they were not dropped by their label, Run For Cover.

Pitchfork’s article reveals the complicated nature of the allegations against Hall, including information about the source that instigated Hall’s actions, an organization called Punk Talks. The article outlines some of the ethical concerns of an organization committed to what should have been confidential therapy threatening to expose information obtained in the therapy without the consent of all parties. The article also points out the steps Hall has taken in both accepting responsibility for his actions and seeking a path to make things right. All that said, whether Pinegrove’s audience (or music fans as a whole) accept Hall’s time out of the spotlight and personal therapy as enough to forgive the band their transgressions, that remains to be seen.

All of the Bandcamp proceeds from Skylight will be donated to charity, namely the Voting Rights Project, the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention, and Musicares.