Pissed Jeans Turn A Fetish Into A Sludge-y Stomp On ‘Ignorecam’

Pennsylvania post-hardcore howlers Pissed Jeans are back with another single off of their upcoming album Why Love Now. “Ignorecam” is a showcase for lead singer Matt Korvette’s Lemmy-indebted howl and the punishing instrumentation of his bandmates that drew its inspiration from an odd place: fetish webcam shows where men pay women to ignore them.

The band explained in a press release that the song came from a corner of the internet “where the woman just ignores you and watches TV or eats macaroni and cheese or talks on the phone.”

“I love that idea of guys paying to be ignored,” Korvette said.

In the song, that translates to a long drawn out growl of “Ignore me!” that is a perfect primer of what to expect from the acerbic act.

Pissed Jeans’ latest explores the underbelly of sex and relationships. The previous single “The Bar Is Low” is about feeling like all famous men are secretly terrible.

“It seems like every guy is getting outed across every board of entertainment and politics and music,” he said. “There’s no guy that isn’t a total creep. You’re like, ‘No, he’s just a dude that hits on drunk girls and has sex with them when they’re asleep.’ Cool, he’s just an average sh*thead.”

Why Love Now is out on February 27 via Sub Pop.

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