Pittsburgh Wants To Ban Kenny Chesney After 73 Fans Of His Were Arrested During A Concert

If you see that Kenny Chesney is coming to your town, RUN. Not only does the country superstar order his steaks “extra well done,” which officially qualifies him for monster status, his fans are a bunch of angry sunburnt cowbros in blood- and ketchup-splattered Natty Ice shirts who trash parking lots and get into amusing fights.

Also, cowboy hats in Pittsburgh look silly.

Pittsburghers are responding to the mess left behind in parking lots following the Kenny Chesney concert Saturday at Heinz Field. Crews began cleaning the Heinz Field parking lots early Sunday morning, and most were cleared in time for the Monday morning commute.

But in light of the piles of garbage, empty beer bottles and even furniture, some are calling for a ban of future Chesney concerts. A “Ban Kenny Chesney from Pittsburgh” Facebook page has been created.

“The mess is not country. Country people take care of their messes. It’s like city folks going to something and taking their city trash with them,” said Jim Bennett.

According to Allegheny County Emergency Services, 30 people were taken to the hospital, 150 patients were seen by EMS at the scene, and five arrests were made throughout the day. Over 100 police officers and 43 paramedics were working at the event. (Via)

Look closely and you can see Ben Roethlisberger in the video below, probably. He’s Pittsburgh’s “Where’s Waldo.”

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