Watch The Pixies’ Thrilling Animated Video For ‘Tenement Song’

The Pixies will be releasing Head Carrier, their seventh studio album, on September 30, and as that release date looms closer and closer, the band has continued to whet our appetites by releasing songs from the album online. First, there was the punkish “Um Chagga Lugga,” then there was “Talent,” a spacey rocker that wouldn’t have sounded out of place on Trompe Le Monde. Now, the band has released the third track — and first video — from the album with “Tenement Song.” The track itself is a catchy, power-poppy tune that fits nicely into the band’s catalog, but the video is definitely the big story here.

Directed by The Krank! Collective, the “Tenement Song” video features various animation techniques such as light box, painted animation, rotoscoping and digital compositing, all painting a picture of an apartment building being gradually destroyed. We see a poker game, we see a rat crawling through the pipes and wreaking havoc, we see people at a party that takes some serious inspiration from the ’60s, and finally we see the whole apartment being burned to the ground. The Pixies have made some interesting videos in their career — most notably the “Velouria” clip, in which we saw the band move in super slow-motion. Still, this might be the band’s most memorable clip, and it certainly bodes well for the album being a welcome return to form. Watch it above.

(Via Rolling Stone)