Playboi Carti Gets Lit In A Slow-Motion Mosh Pit In His Rambunctious Video For ‘R.I.P’

Playboi Carti’s latest album, Die Lit, rewrote some of rap’s most sacred rules with its rambunctious, rambling raps and 100 mph futuristic trap beats. Now, the genre-bending rapper’s latest video might explain the appeal of his unique brand of hyped-up hip-hop. “R.I.P.,” shot in a murky black-and-white and featuring a number of stunning, super slow-motion shots capturing the hectic action from the inside of a punk-rock mosh pit, is a perfect distillation of the eclectic energy he brings to his fans — energy that they apparently reciprocate in force.

The premise of the video is simple: Carti performs “R.I.P.,” the second track from Die Lit, in a reckless mosh pit, where elbows get thrown (and connect, in one shocking slow-motion capture), bodies get lost in the rapid fire rhythm of Pi’erre Bourne’s nonstop 808s, and Carti crowd surfs as the crowd gets caught up in the infectious energy of his song.

Some fans may get caught up in the lyrical simplicity of his “raps,” which directly reference the accusations of mumble rap that have been lobbed at him since his Soundcloud hit “Magnolia” took over airplay charts last year. However, the point isn’t to be dazzled by his wordplay, but swept up by the turbulence of his repetitious ad-libs and beats and ride the wave.