Please Allow Snoop Dogg To Recount For You The Time He Got High In The White House

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07.22.14 6 Comments

Jimmy Kimmel was a guest on Snoop Dogg’s most CGN recent online talk show, and when seemingly unprompted Kimmel asks if he’s ever smoked at the White House, Snoop claims that while he didn’t smoke pot in the White House, he smoked pot in the bathroom of the White House. (Note: Someone should tell Snoop Dogg that a bathroom in the White House is still the White House).

Anyway, Snoop was apparently being accompanied through the white house by either the FBI or CIA (one of the “alphabet boys”) — it’s unclear which one because I can’t imagine that either of those federal organizations would be accompanying Snoop Dogg in the White House unless he was already in some kind of trouble. So when he asked either the CIA or FBI person if he could use the bathroom, they asked if he needed to go number one or number two. Snoop specified number two and then said that he needs to light a cigarette or something to “get the aroma right,” so they told him he could light a piece of napkin — but the napkin, as it turns out, was a marijuana cigarette.

And that’s the story of how Snoop Dogg got high in the White House. The end. Best story ever.

(Via Gawker)

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