Please Allow Taylor Swift To Demonstrate The Kinds Of Sounds Her Cats Make

Taylor Swift started transitioning into the crazy cat lady we all know and, uh, tolerate to different degrees right around the time she swore off men. John Mayer and Harry Styles will do that to a girl, I suppose. So with both the release and press circuit for her album 1989, Swifty is getting nearly as many questions about her cats as her new album. Like on this Canadian entertainment news show eTalk, where she for some reason got into discussing the kinds of noises her cats make.

Allow Taylor Swift to demonstrate the kinds of noises that her cats make:

So according to Taylor Swift and the Canadian talk show lady, Taylor Swift’s cats sound like a cross between a demon and a lawnmower. Sounds normal enough to me. But I know what you’re all really wondering, and that’s how would Taylor Swift’s cat noises sound spliced into the Screaming Goat “Trouble” remix? Excellent question. Thankfully BroBible’s David Covucci and our own Andy Isaac are here to help:

We can only hope Taylor takes advantage of this genius for an upcoming remix album.

Annnnnnd, it just got this much better: