Police In Michigan Are Looking For Three Men In The Beating Of The Calling’s Lead Singer

At around 4 am on Sunday morning, The Calling’s lead singer Alex Band decided to walk from his hotel in Lapeer, Michigan to a convenience store, at which point things allegedly got very scary. Alex claims that he was abducted by several men in a van, and they proceeded to beat him with a police baton at gunpoint as they took $1,200 in cash from him and demanded his “Hollywood money,” according to the band’s statement on Facebook.

In the end, Alex said that the men refused to kill him because he told them that he has a young daughter and they admitted that they “don’t kill fathers” before dumping him on some train tracks, after which he walked to find his manager, who placed the 911 call. Oh, and I should probably mention that Alex swears this isn’t a hoax, even if it totally sounds fishy and comes right at the same time that the band announced its comeback.

But if it is a lie, Alex is all in with it, because the police in Lapeer are on the lookout for three men, as described to them by the singer.

Suspect #1 — white male armed with a gun, wearing a backwards camo cap, approximately 30 years of age, scruffy beard

Suspect #2 — white male, approximately 6’4″, “very polite and apologetic”

Suspect #3 (the driver) — male darker complexion

Cops say Alex described the van he was abducted in as a blue minivan.

Anyone with information is asked to call 810-664-0833 (Via TMZ)

The Calling’s official press release listed his injuries as “a fractured lower spine, 15 stiches to lower chin, 3 broken teeth and is bruised on his side and stomach from the baton beating,” while TMZ has several photos of Alex with a Band-Aid on his nose. Again, Alex swears it’s not a hoax in the last paragraph of a press release that starts with information about the band’s reunion before mentioning the abduction, so we have to take him at his word and hope that these three men are brought to justice.

The police officers just have to be on the lookout for anyone who may be saying, “Please” and “Thank you” during any early morning curb stompings.

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